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Mother In Law Vegan Kimchi 16 oz  
Mother In Law Vegan Kimchi 16 oz
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Mother in Law’s Kimchi is a decades old recipe from the renowned Jang Mo Gip (Mother in Law’s House) restaurant in Southern California. Kimchee is a Korean staple food eaten daily with almost every meal and consisting of vegetables brined and fermented creating natural lactic acids. Mother in Law’s Kimchi is a secret recipe that is family owned and handcrafted. Includes: chile peppers, ginger, garlic, green onions and white onions. All kimchis are a natural probiotic that promotes healthy digestion.

Mother in Law’s Vegan Napa Cabbage Kimchi is the same delicious, spicy and tangy recipe as the House Kimchi without the added shellfish or seafood. Handmade in small batches this kimchee is all natural and raw. Ideal for the vegetarians, this kimchi goes great in stir fries and eaten cold as a side with a hot dish.

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